Soraya Renga, stranger!

Welcome to the Great Assembly Hall of Ashalla, the official seat of political power here on Bajor.

Bajor is the lush, fertile eleventh planet of the Bajoran system, and is the largest world with five moons, including Derna and Jeraddo. The planet is the homeworld of the Bajorans (or Bajora), a warp-capable humanoid species who, after decades of Cardassian occupation, valiantly fought to regain their independence and eventually became affiliated with the United Federation of Planets in 2369.

One of the most traumatic periods of time in Bajoran history, the Occupation occurred between 2319 and 2369 when Bajor was invaded by the Cardassian Union. During this time, the Cardassians not only decimated the Bajoran population and destroyed large parts of the planets infrastructure, but they also poisoned several areas of the planet in order to compromise the food supply after their withdrawal. Affected regions included the Dahkur and Rakantha Provinces as well as the Northwest peninsula, some of which are still recovering to this day.

Following the Cardassian withdrawal, the Provisional Government was formed which replaced the Bajoran Cooperative Government that operated during the Occupation. This, in turn, was replaced by the Chamber of Ministers in 2376 with the First Minister serving as the head of the government alongside the religious leader of the Bajoran people, the Kai.

But even now, nearly two decades on from the Cardassian withdrawl, Bajor is still in political turmoil. A fresh election has shocked the world and the people have entrusted no one party with a mandate to rule. As such, an uneasy coalition has been agreed and a new government formed. The new First Minister, Eniara Pol, seeks to unite the people of her world, but dark forces plot to destroy everything that has been rebuilt.

Set within the offices of the Great Assembly Building of Ashalla, across the planet and beyond, our play by Nova 16+ rated sim, players and stories focus on the political intrigue, plotting and machinations of those elected to serve the Bajoran people. Together, we seek to develop this proud species beyond the scope of what was achieved in Star Trek: Deep Space 9 and we do so with great pride.

Should you wish to join, please visit our Discord server and chat with the First Minister to discuss your application ideas.

Latest Mission Posts

» Visit from the Vedek

Mission: Episode 2: Progressive Politics
Posted on Fri Apr 19th, 2019 @ 1:01pm by First Minister Eniara Pol & Vedek Krell Antos

“Office suits you,” The warm aged voice of Krell Antos echoed in the ornate room. The Vedek had taken an interest in the new First Minister long before the Prophets vision of her. She represented to him, the direction Bajor needed.

The Vedek robes swept across the floor as he…

» Guess who's coming to dinner?

Mission: Episode 2: Progressive Politics
Posted on Wed Apr 17th, 2019 @ 8:11pm by First Minister Eniara Pol & Mitchell Hanson & Andrea Carter

Admiral Mitchell Hanson and his family had only been on Bajor for a short while, but already they felt right at home. Their home was small but it was warm, welcoming and worth the big move. JP was free to come and go, safe and secure. Mitchell had swiftly taken…

» Better get packing!

Mission: Episode 2: Progressive Politics
Posted on Mon Apr 15th, 2019 @ 6:04pm by First Minister Eniara Pol & Councillor Prida Rala & Secretary Icesh Lird


Dina Erit, the First Minister's personal secretary almost jumped at the sound of raised voices from inside the Opaka Suite that she sat outside of and quickly hurried herself with a task to take her mind off of the exchange taking place behind closed doors.

"You're telling me six…

» Tension is the path to Rebellion

Mission: Episode 2: Progressive Politics
Posted on Mon Apr 15th, 2019 @ 5:43pm by First Minister Eniara Pol & Secretary Gora Byram & Speaker Orpad Rhokan & Minister Issa Amaris & Second Minister Azeni Elis & Secretary Toran Ilos & Minister Geri Yibr & Minister Tevo Blejaro & Minister Anya Juma & Minister Lagi Nailb & Minister Kabu Ukori & Minister Uno Rherno & Minister Jora Den & Junior Minister Tomar Fran & Junior Minister Gelo Ajon & Secretary Gisaka Tarago & Secretary Icesh Lird & Secretary Narja Isu & Secretary Ute Taijo & Secretary Morab Riyn & Secretary Remis Los & Secretary Aloram Fol & Secretary Iliana Glees & Secretary Arla Rees

Eniara rose to her feet once more and looked around the Chamber. She was a gifted orator, eloquent and considered and thus, spoke without a prepared speech or auto cue. "Mister Speaker," she began, "I can confirm that my office has conducted its search and we have found a nominee…

» A New Appointment to the Administration

Mission: Episode 2: Progressive Politics
Posted on Fri Apr 12th, 2019 @ 12:29am by First Minister Eniara Pol & Gellar Harl

Ever since the conclusion of the election process, there had been much speculation about the vacancies in the Administration. Much had been said about the lack of a Planetary Security Advisor and even the Communications Director, but perhaps most tellingly of all, it was Eniara's reluctance to appoint a permanent…