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The official seat of Bajoran political power and the Vedek Assembly

Bajor is the inhabited eleventh planet of the Bajoran system located in the Bajor sector, a region of space in the Alpha Quadrant. The largest planet in the system with five moons, including Derna and Jeraddo, the planet is the homeworld of the Bajorans (or Bajora), a warp-capable humanoid species. After decades of Cardassian occupation, the planet regained its independence and became affiliated with the United Federation of Planets in 2369.

One of the most traumatic periods of time in Bajoran history came between 2319 and 2369 when Bajor was occupied by the Cardassian Union. During this time, the Cardassians not only decimated the Bajoran population and destroyed large parts of its infrastructure, but also poisoned several areas of the planet in order to compromise the food supply after their withdrawal. Affected regions included the Dahkur and Rakantha Provinces as well as the Northwest peninsula.

Following the Cardassian withdrawal, the Provisional Government was formed which replaced the Bajoran Cooperative Government that operated during the Occupation. This, in turn, was replaced by the Chamber of Ministers in 2376 with the First Minister serving as the head of the government alongside the religious leader of the Bajoran people, the Kai.

Bit even now, nearly two decades on from the Cardassian withdrawl and still Bajor is in political turmoil. Refusing to bow to pressure from the Chamber, First Minister Asarem Wadeen faces vicious, unrelenting calls for her to resign from office. Despite having the personal backing of the Kai of Bajor himself, Asarem is reluctantly faced with two options; allow the discord between her people to carry on or, call a new election to allow someone new to step forward and lead her people into the future.

Set within the offices of the Great Assembly Building of Ashalla, across the planet and beyond, our stories focus on the political intrigue, plotting and machinations of those elected to serve their people.

With fresh elections around the corner, what will the political landscape of Bajor look like for the rest of 2389? Join us to find out!

Applicants for the OOC role of XO/Deputy/Assistant Game Manager should discuss with the GM/First Minister which IC position they are interested in BEFORE applying.

Latest Mission Posts

» Moving Day

Mission: Episode 1: The Tejar Affair
Posted on Mon Feb 11th, 2019 @ 8:11pm by First Minister Eniara Pol & Asha Fosu & Secretary Toran Ilos

What a night it had turned out to be, not just for the political elite, or even the Chamber of Ministers, but for Bajoran's everywhere. In probably the most significant election since the end of the Cardassian Occupation, the Bajoran's had come out in their millions to vote in a…

» Sticky Fingers

Mission: Episode 1: The Tejar Affair
Posted on Tue Feb 5th, 2019 @ 9:23pm by Vedek Kumani Neysa & Minister Azeni Elis

Neysa scrunched up her already ridged nose, as she often did when thinking. The copy of the scroll in her hand was held down with a couple of paperweights on her desk and her mind was completely engrossed in what she was reading. A sound finally registered and she popped…

» For The Many, Not The Few!

Mission: Episode 1: The Tejar Affair
Posted on Wed Feb 6th, 2019 @ 10:31pm by First Minister Eniara Pol & Minister Azeni Elis & Minister Aliya Loras & Secretary Toran Ilos & Minister Orpad Rhokan & Sanara Jadar

After a short period of reflection for all of the assembled parties, that familiar chime rang out again to kick off the second half of the results evening. The screen powered up again and within seconds, the 41st result was displayed. “Kendra Valley North is… POPULIST! Salutations to Minister Azeni…

» To Be, Or Not To Be? That is the Question...

Mission: Episode 1: The Tejar Affair
Posted on Mon Feb 4th, 2019 @ 8:39pm by Asarem Wadeen & First Minister Eniara Pol & Minister Azeni Elis & Minister Aliya Loras & Secretary Toran Ilos & Minister Orpad Rhokan & Secretary Gisaka Tarago & Sanara Jadar

After a month of being gripped by election fever, the beautiful Bajoran homeworld had finally reached the moment of truth - election day had arrived and with it, a sense of renewed hope and desire for a brighter future. All day, voters from across the planet and beyond had been…

» Let the Debate Begin!

Mission: Episode 1: The Tejar Affair
Posted on Sun Jan 27th, 2019 @ 12:01am by First Minister Eniara Pol & Secretary Toran Ilos & Secretary Suso Marala & Councillor Eran Anra MA & Minister Orpad Rhokan & Secretary Gisaka Tarago

An 81 year young Bajoran Female shuffled along to take her position at her debate podium. Minister Morra Jaha was no novice when it came to debate or being in the public eye. She was easily the oldest remaining Minister of her generation, and the longest serving public servant on…